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How to Pack a Healthy and Tasty Picnic Just for Adults

Kids love picnics, there's no denying that, but do you know who else loves picnics? Adults! With the sunshine in full force, now is the perfect chance for you to take some time to yourself and enjoy a nice adult picnic. In this post, Great Harvest, Nashua, NH has some great healthy food ideas to complement that bottle of wine.

How to Make a Gourmet Picnic Salad

Now that it's just adults, it's time to get gourmet. When making a picnic salad, start with Romaine lettuce, black olives, feta cheese and some croutons. Spice this up by adding red onion and some spiced pecans. Finish off by drizzling a caesar salad dressing over the salad to really set your gourmet salad apart.

How to Make a Gourmet Sandwich Like a Pro

Close your eyes and imagine fresh herbs, cumin, corriander, garlic and jalapenos pureed into a smooth chimichurri sauce. Now, put this between two pieces of freshly baked whole grain bread with some swiss cheese, tomato and spring onion and you've got yourself a gourmet sandwich sure to impress.

The Easiest Way to Pack a Perfect Picnic

While these are great ways for you and your friends to enjoy a gourmet picnic, you may not have the time to prepare all of the above delicious ingredients. Luckily, Great Harvest, Nashua, NH has you covered. Check out our great lunch menu which includes tasty and healthy salads and sandwiches made with bread baked fresh every day. If you're just looking for the tastiest fresh bread in Nashua, give us a call on 603 881 4422 and see what tasty treats we have baked fresh for you today.
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