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Thanksgiving is TOMORROW and families everywhere are getting ready this special gathering! Especially for those who are in charge of cooking/hosting, this is the time when they go turbo. Still, in all this hecticness, we may get nervous and don’t know what is where, which way is up, etc. Other times, we’re informed that we’ll be hosting at literally the last minute and we need to put everything together, fast!

If you’re in this situation, don’t worry! The Great Harvest Bread Company in Nashua has put together the ultimate checklist to make sure you have everything for your Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner!Be mindful that this will change according to your guests’ specifications (likes, allergies, ideologies - i.e. veganism), the number of people you’ll be hosting, the amount of help you’ll be getting and your style and ability in the kitchen!

Your Thanksgiving Dinner Checklist

People wait all day for Thanksgiving dinner and may be starving by that time it comes around. To entertain their stomach while dinner is served, you can serve a variety of appetizers that are sure to be of their liking but that won’t fill them up! Choose one or several of these easy options:

*Veggie platter and dip
*Meat platter
*Cheese and crackers platter
*Cream cheese with jam platter

Now, for the first course! This is how you’ll be starting the celebration so, be sure to offer a way to get cozy and warmed up before starting. Go with tasty fall soups like the ones below (remember to accompany them with delicious bread!):

*Tomato creamy soup

Turkey & Stuffing
Turkey is the main course and it is traditionally cooked with a classic roast. At the same time, there are families who prepare it differently or that don’t eat turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, so go with your own traditions on this one! In all actuality, what is turkey without stuffing or dressing? Commonly prepared with bread, nuts, some kind of meat, and veggies, stuffing is essential for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Side Dishes
Let’s face it: Thanksgiving dinner is THE time to go all out and side dishes are the way to demonstrate it. There are a ton of options out there, but they can mainly be separated into the following categories:

*Potatoes (mashed, roasted, with garlic, cambray, etc.)
*Vegetables (green beans, green salad, sautéed carrots, brussel sprouts and broccoli, mushrooms and garlic, spinach, peas)
*The sweet edge (fruit salad, cranberry sauce, glazed vegetables, yams with marshmallows)
*Miscellaneous (corn, corn bread, beans, mac and cheese)

Other Must Haves
These aren’t side dishes per se, but they are pretty important to the dinner!

*Bread Rolls
*Spreads (like butter)

Dessert is a big deal in Thanksgiving! It should be the perfect ending to a delicious meal. Here are some options you can try out:
Pie (pumpkin, pecan, cranberry, sweet potato)
Cake (carrot cake, chocolate, pumpkin roll, cheesecake, cupcakes)

Thanksgiving is a lot of fun but, if you’re preparing of the food, it can get overwhelming! If you need a bit of help with putting together a menu, go through this checklist and make sure you’re not forgetting anything. Of course, this can be modified to fit your needs, traditions and skill, but hopefully, it can help you guide your decisions for this important holiday.

Remember that the Great Harvest Bread Company in Nashua is here to help you in Thanksgiving as well. We have bread rolls, stuffing bread, sweet breads, and then some! Come down, try the best breads in Nashua, and take them home to complete your perfect Thanksgiving dinner.
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