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Making jam at home is an easy and fun activity that you can do with your children and it’s also a great way to keep them entertained!

That’s why here at Great Harvest in Nashua we tell you how to make a delicious and natural homemade jam.

What You Will Need
8 cups of fresh fruit, it’s preferable to...
So that big meeting or personal event are coming and we know what this can mean: One more thing to worry about.

Of course potato chips and sodas are always an option, but we know how much you care about the people around you. That’s why here at The Great Harvest in Nashua we have a catering...
Thanksgiving is TOMORROW and families everywhere are getting ready this special gathering! Especially for those who are in charge of cooking/hosting, this is the time when they go turbo. Still, in all this hecticness, we may get nervous and don’t know what is where, which way is up, etc. Other...
Great Harvest Bread of Nashua
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