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The coldness has been extra annoying this season! Good thing spring is just around the corner. So, while you wait for the weather to change up a bit, the Great Harvest in Nashua has some meal ideas to keep you warm until the Sun decides to show itself again!

Shelter From the Cold with These Foods!

Hot, Steamy Soup
This is a no-brainer! Be it a tomato, chicken, vegetable, among many of the other delicious varieties, soup is the best meal to fight cold weather. A bowl of tasty Tomato Cheddar, and a slice of Gail’s Parmesan Basil Oregano Bread, can make you forget about the chills!

Cocoa and a Sweet Treat
Hot cocoa can be the cure to all evil (including the frightful weather!). It’s the perfect companion to help you through those freezing afternoon winds. Plus, if you pair it up with a Raspberry White Chocolate Chip Scone, you’ll want winter to stay around just so you can eat it all the time!

Toast and Tea!
Tea is not only a great option to keep you warm, but it can also bring a lot of benefits to your body. Basically, it protects you from the cold inside and out. And if you feel like your tea needs a partner, a hot toast made with Cranberry Orange bread and a drop of honey can be the one!

Delicious Oatmeal
Oatmeal is a great, healthy breakfast for the cold weather because its hotness make you feel cozy and ready for the day (no matter what the thermometer says!). Plus, there are a tons of flavors that you can try, and you can eat it with fruit to keep your body sickness-free.

Mac and Cheese It!
The ultimate comfort food can also be the ultimate meal to get rid of the chills! A hot plate of mac and cheese with a slice of Vermont Cheddar Garlic bread as a companion, can be the absolute best dinner for when you want to stay in and watch the snow fall from your window.

The cold weather we’ve been having can be scared away for a while with a hot plate! If you’re ever searching for something to fight off the chills and are thinking “what are some good meals to eat in the cold weather?”, go through this list and you’ll be set!

Remember that if you want delicious variety in sweets and bread in Nashua, and flavorful soup choices, you can stop by the Great Harvest and get what you need to keep the coldness at rest!  
Great Harvest Bread of Nashua
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