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Halloween is one of kids’ favorite holidays because it involves dressing up and getting free candy (which, let’s admit, it’s always fun)! And, keeping in line with Halloween traditions, your children will probably eat the candy they’ve recollected as soon as they can. ALL OF IT. And yes, it’s fun! Still, there is such a thing as too much candy - or is there?

As you probably remember, your Great Harvest Bread Company in Nashua has baked some spidery breads (that were scary to look at but delicious to eat) in the past! So, following this bread-based Halloween snacks theme, we’d like to offer a few ideas that will balance out the amount of sugary goodness that will be consumed by your children during the scariest of nights! But beware: these ideas are yummy, healthy, AND frightening!

Healthy Bread-Based Halloween Snacks
The Haunted Bread-yard

This one is simple as can be! Cut up pieces of bread in the form of tombstones, toast them and place them standing up in a plate of hummus. This will give the aspect of a bread graveyard that kids will be able to eat with the delicious and nutritious dip! You can even scribble “R.I.P.” with vegetables sticks to give it an extra spook. We recommend using the High Five bread for this idea!

The Evil Sandwiches
For this one, all you need to do is prepare a sandwich (using Gail’s Parmesan Basil Oregano bread, if you’d like). To give it a Halloween spin, just cut up evil looking eyes and a sinister grin on the top slice! Nothing’s scarier than having a sandwich staring back at you while you eat it.

To turn it up, you can add tomato, ketchup or natural jam so it shows through the holes and makes it seem like a bloody evil sandwich!

The Treasure Chest of Doom
Get a loaf of bread that isn’t sliced (like the Honey Whole Wheat), and cut it horizontally. Then, empty the bottom half so you can fill it in with scary looking healthy treats! For example, eyeballs made with cheese and black olives which they can eat with pieces of bread. You can even fill the chest up with a healthy tuna dip and arrange celery and carrots sticks to look like a hand reaching out!

Bread O’ Lantern
Everybody loves bread bowls and this idea draws inspiration from them! You can use a Parmesan Garlic Oregano bread bowl and dress it up as a Jack O’ Lantern to serve soup or dip. You can draw its face on the side with cheese. Plus, with help of a toothpick, you can attach a piece of cucumber or celery to the “lid” so it looks like its stem!

Spooky Bread
This idea is by far the easiest one in the book! All you need to do is buy bread mold cutters in spooky shapes to make a spider sandwich, a ghost toast with cottage cheese or a crazy peanut butter witch hat!

If you’d like to give it a sweet spin, use the Cinnamon Chip bread and add some fruity jam on top!


Halloween is exciting for kids but too much candy can be scary! Offer a more nutritious approach and keep the spirit going by giving these ideas a try! Not only are they a better option than 124,658,213 grams of sugar, but they’re fun, spooky and delicious!

Plus, if you’d like to try them with bread from your trusty bakery in Nashua: the Great Harvest Bread Company, you know that the nutritional value will be on point!

Happy All Hallows’ Eve, everyone!
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