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French toast is one of those delicious and great ways to start your day -  it only takes a few minutes to transform a couple of ingredients into something delightful. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds and there are probably a few things that you are doing wrong.

Don’t worry, there are...
At Great Harvest our bakers work hard to bring you new and fresh bread and sweet treats daily. Perhaps you already have a few favorite menu items. Do you know that you can even further accentuate the amazing flavors in your most enjoyed foods, by pairing them with the right tea? We have selected...
Bread is one of the most ancient foods on earth, it has been used and evolved through many civilizations unit this day. No wonder why we see in the supermarket aisles all those different types of bread: White, sourdough, multi grain, whole wheat etc.

Obviously they are not the same and they all...
Halloween is one of kids’ favorite holidays because it involves dressing up and getting free candy (which, let’s admit, it’s always fun)! And, keeping in line with Halloween traditions, your children will probably eat the candy they’ve recollected as soon as they can. ALL OF IT. And yes, it’s...
Great Harvest Bread of Nashua
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